I Had a Veneer Placed Yesterday and There is a Gap at the Gum Line. Will the Gum Fill in the Space? (photo)

I had bonding on my peg laterals as a child. Over the years they wore down and I recently had the bonding replaced with a veneer per my dentist suggestion. I had some gum swelling the day I had the final veneer cemented. Now that the gum is back to normal I have a small space on one veneer. It is unsightly to me. Will the gum fill in the space or do I need to go to my dentist and have him replace this veneer?

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Gap at Gum Line

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You need to wait about 4-6 months to see how the gum tissue will heal on its own. This has happened to me before. Sometimes the gum tissue grows back and sometimes it doesn't. It looks like the dentist did a good job so I would not rush back to have it remade.

Miami Dentist

What to do with sapce between your veneers

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What your photo shows is what we call black or dark triangle. I do no think this space will fill in,but it is too early to be sure. And even of it does, you seem to be a young lady whose gum may receded as you age, and this space may get larger. If I were you, I would email my dentists and express my concern attaching same same photo you sent to us, and ask when she/he could see you. they need to k now and document your concern, and then if it does not fillin in a week, it is advised to fill the gap with porcelain.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Cosmetic veneers and gum line

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The space in which you describe and the photo shows is commonly called "the black triangle."  As stated by another dentist, this is sometime difficult to predict whether or not the gums will fill in the space.  Giving it some time will allow us to see if it resolves or if it is something that will remain.  


Factors that may determine whether remaking the veneer are:

1) Size of the original tooth and how much space did the dentist have to close... The smaller the tooth and the more space, the more difficult it is to improve the gum line

2) Anatomy (or shape) of the veneer...  If you're happy with the esthetics or look of the current tooth (excluding the gum issue), then remaking the veneer has some considerations that you will need to decide whether it is worth replacing it.  For the dentist or lab to close the gum space, the new veneer would have to be slightly more square-shaped to close the space.



Thomas I. Chen, DMD
New Brunswick Dentist

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Gum issues can resolve after the permanent veneers are placed.

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Occasionally, when provisional (temporary) veneers are in place, or there is some inflammation (irritated gum tissue) interproximally (between the teeth) or around the margins, a "gap" can occur such as the unsightly black space in the photo you submitted. This can be unpredictable and the best thing to do is to allow some time for the gum tissue to heal. The space you have is in the area that is called the gingival embrasure and the gum tissue is called a papilla. With the trauma from removing old bonding, impressions, temps, and final placement of the new veneers, the gum tissue can become inflamed, swell and then resorb (shrink). However the gum tissue can regenerate in the papilla area if you allow some time, good dental hygiene, and there is no accompanying bone loss which an exam by your dentist could tell. Otherwise, replacing the new veneer could be a possibility. 

Had a Veneer Yesterday-There is a Gap at the Gum Line. Will Gum Fill the Space? (photo)

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After veneers are placed, it may take a week for small irritations of the gum to improve. For larger gaps around the gum, it can take even a few months.

At this point, don't panic. Leave it alone and don't fuss with it too much. It needs some time to heal.

You may want to make a follow up appointment with your cosmetic dentist for him to check it and to give you some piece of mind.

Gap at Gumline

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The gum tissue should rebound as long as there is not any bonding cement caught in the space.  Do not be tempted to pick at the  area with anything including your fingers. Floss gently and leave it alone for few months. If it still looks bad then see what your dentist can do about the veneer contour to make the space less noticeable.  I would ask them to reevaluate and check for any extra cement that might hamper the tissue growth now. I Doubt you are eager to repeat the whole process so you  might give the gums a chance before diving into a redo. 


Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

Cllosung Your Space

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Well this procedure is very common with peg (small) laterals. Bonding is often used when the patient is younger giving the face time to mature with the size of the patients adult teeth. Your veneer is beautiful. However the space (looks like piece of pepper) happens often as well. Your papilla (gum between teeth) will not grow in. I would remake the veneer for proper fit and aesthetics. 


Greg Friedman, DDS
San Diego Dentist

Will Gum Fill in Gap Over Veneer

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I cannot tell from your poor quality photo. If the space you are talking about is in between the teeth, then it possibly might grow in. If the space is directly over the front center of the tooth, then it probably will not grow in.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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