How Could a One Front Tooth Be Two Teeth?

My two front teeth were lost last 2007. I didn't plan to go for denture right after. So after a few months, the space (supposedly for two lost teeth) became narrower, getting to the point of being able to put only one tooth denture in that space. So now, I have THREE front teeth, one denture and the others beside the denture are real. Is there any way to possibly make it into TWO TEETH, i mean, the normal front teeth? Thank you in advance.

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How ! Front Tooth Can Become 2

Your question is impossible to answer without seeing photos. However, space does close up with the passage of time. Perhaps orthodontics can re-open the space to accommodate 2 teeth.

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Two in one

Dear Hens

As many colleagues have mentioned, its hard to answer this question with out seeing the teeth.  Fusion, germination; are terms thrown at you.  There are so many treatment options; my recommendation is getting two or three opinions until you hear one that you like and it makes sense to you.


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How could one front tooth be two?

The dental terms for this are fusion or germination. Think of having twins, the difference is count the teeth in your mouth and or on the radiograph. Sometimes you will have one less tooth 31 instead of 32 other times it will appear you have 33 not 32. Treatment depends on appearance, sometimes bonding or veneer or crown will improve the appearance. It is more common than you think. Good luck



Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD 

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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