I Have a Tooth That Did Not Come In After Baby Tooth Was Pulled?

After I lost my baby tooth the tooth after it did not come down. I took an extra and the tooth is there. The tooth next to the empty spot is crooked. I have relatives with the same condition except they don't have a crooked tooth. it is straight. Is this heriditary. is it fixable? My dentist said that I should get braces to fix the crooked tooth and then after that he will surgically pull the missing tooth down. i am almost 19 and dont want braces. Is there any other choice?

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Impacted tooth and missing tooth

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It sounds from your description that there is a tooth that remains impacted as it did not erupt into the position of the primary tooth already extracted. This is quite common with the upper canines. One treatment option is exposure of the impacted tooth and orthodontic eruption into the mouth. This treatment is effective in most people. Another option is first extraction of the impacted tooth and then following it with placement of a single dental implant to replace the missing tooth. This is a coordinated treatment between the oral surgeon, orthodontist, and restorative dentist.  The link below will provide you more on this.


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Braces For Impacted Permanent Tooth

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It is very common to have a permanent tooth that does not erupt due to being positioned "sideways" in the jaw or blocked by another tooth.  The best approach to correcting this is to do full orthodontic (braces) treatment.  Once enough space is created for the tooth to come in the tooth will be exposed using a laser and an orthodontic bracket placed on the tooth.  Over a several month period the tooth  will be extruded into the correct alignment with the other teeth. It will be well worth it in the end!  In fact, many times clear brackets can be used now and wearing braces is hardly even noticeable.  Good luck!

Your Dentist is Correct

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It sounds as if your natural tooth was blocked out by the crooked one and did not have room to erupt.  The only way to correct this is to align your teeth to create the space needed then expose the un-erupted tooth, attach a bracket, and extrude it orthodontically..  Being 19 and self conscious about braces (very understandable at that age), perhaps you can discuss a combination case started and finished w Invisalign-type trays with a shorter time in traditional braces just to get the tooth into position where clear aligners can engage it and guide it into place.  Discuss this with your orthodontist.  It may be possible.

Good Luck!

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