I Have the Breasts of a Adult Women, but the Nipples of a Child. Do Injectables Help to Enlarge the Nipples?

If injectables do not work, are there other procedures to make my nipples bigger? I do not have inverted nipples, my nipples are simply small and disproportional to the res of my breast because of their size! Please help. Thank you

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How to Enlarge Nipples?

Although fillers may be used to enlarge the nipples, this technique will be temporary. Tissues such as dermis  or cartilage (grafts) may also be used for this purpose.

 At some point, you may benefit from in-person consultation with board certified plastic surgeons.

 Best wishes.

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Nipple augmentation.

Fillers may be useful in augmenting the projection of nipples, but injecting in this area may not keep the projection over any length of time. There are several relatively easy surgical procedures that can be performed under local anesthesia in the office to give more permanent results with your own tissue. This is similar to what is performed when we recreate a new nipple during a breast reconstruction procedure. Consult with a plastic surgeon with experience in this area for more personal advice. Good luck.

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