I Had a Porcelain Veneer Placed on One Front Tooth, and Want to Get the Other Done to Match?

Should I get both redone for a better result? I have heard that even if you mix the same color it may not match the existing veneer.

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2 2gether

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It's a no brainer...do both if you want the the results you anticipate. No need to try and "match" when it won't exactly.

Better to do two

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I have done matching veneer or Lumineer

to the existing veneer/ luminner on the adjacent Roth and its more difficult to match so if  you want the best results -do both.  If you not then you should go the local lab and make sure dentist shows you how it looks before cementing it.  For Lumineers there are different cements we can play with to match the Lumineer better

Rimma Chertog, DDS
Freehold Dentist

Matching Porcelain Veneers

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It is ALWAYS best to do veneers at the same time. Ceramists do an amazing job of matching porcelain to teeth; however, porcelain comes in dye lots much like porcelain tiles. Therefore, you want to have veneers made from the same dye lot. It's also advantageous for purposes of teeth alignment and optimizing teeth shape, size and texture. Redoing a veneer that is already done however is a choice you and your dentist will have to make together because that is a sizable investment for potentially very small rewards and must be evaluated on an individual basis. That being said, it is the front of your mouth and is seen and noticed by everyone you interact with.


Good luck!

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Two Veneers is Better Than One

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We see this question a great deal with patients.  Especially if it's an anterior (front) veneer, it is always going to give you a more aesthetic result to do both front teeth veneers at the same time.  This will ensure that the lab will match the shade and sizes of the teeth exactly.  If a patient is opposed to getting two veneers done at the same time (like if cost is an issue), we generally will recommend our patient go directly to our local lab, so they can match the shade of the single tooth veneer to the rest of the teeth for a more aesthetic result. 

Charles Nottingham, DDS, FAGD
Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Matching Color Front Tooth

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It is ideal to place veneers on both central incisors or front teeth at the same time.  The porcelain that makes up the veneers will match best if the porcelain comes from the same batch from the manufacturer.  The shade of porcelain can vary from batch to batch slightly which for the front central incisors is noticeable.  The central front incisors are the most visible teeth and a mismatched color  will be eye catching (not in a good way)!  I would recommend redoing both ideally. 


Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

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