I Get my Braces off Soon but I Won't Be Able to Get my Retainer Fitted for a Month. Won't my Teeth Start Moving Back?

I've had a top track brace on for over 2 years & a bottom track for over 1 year. I get them off in a couple of weeks & was scheduled to get my retainer the following day. But the other day I got a letter saying the second appointment had to be cancelled so a new appointment was made....over a month later! Will my teeth move a lot during this time?

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1 Month is a Little Too Long to Get Your Retainer After Braces Removed

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In our office, we generally deliver retainers 1 week after braces are removed.  We do this because we don't want any teeth to move between retainer delivery and braces off.  I would say that 1 month is a little too long to wait.  Try and reschedule to get your appointments closer together.  Congrats on getting your braces off! 

Irvine Orthodontist

Teeth can move quickly

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Perhaps BOTH appointments were moved out a month, and if so there should be no issue.  Otherwise, you are right, a month is a long time from taking off brackets and placing a retainer.

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