Hyperpigmentation Post Vbeam Laser? (photo)

So I had an aggressive vbeam laser treatment 6 weeks ago and I am left with brown hyperpigmentation that is very noticeable. Is this permanent or will this go away if I stay out of the sun and use "bleaching creams?" And what do you think the timeline is if it will go away? Thank you.

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Hyperpigmentation after V-beam laser

Hi there,

Did you have alot of laser "bruising" or purpura right after the treatment? Did you have any blistering? It looks like your skin type is a bit on the darker side which makes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) more likely, especially with aggressive settings. PIH will always resolve over time. However, it may take up to 6 months (and for some patients up to a year) to fade completely. Applying prescription strength hydroquinone , retin A, and daily sunscreen will help. You may also consider doing a series of skin lightening chemical peels, such as kojic acid peels, to accelerate the resolution. Don't worry...it will go away!

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