Hyaluronidase Dilution for Under Eyes

I previously asked for advise on dosage to remove restylane from under eyes and the consensus seems to be about 50 units under each eye, or as one doctor advised about 10 units per 0.1cc of product to be removed (which also equates to around 50 units for me). I would also appreciate some advice on dilution of the hyaluronidase, ie how many units/0.1ml of solution to be injected please. Responses are greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Samuele

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Hyaluronidase Dilution

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Hyaluronidase should only be done by experienced injectors. This isn't at at home remedy, so I'm hoping that's not what you're planning..... If you need to have Restylane removed via hyaluronidase, it depends more on the exact location, how long it's been there, whether there are pockets or lumps of the Restylane, whether the syringe was evenly split between both under eye areas, etc. There's not a good formula to give you that works for everyone. Hyaluronidase is largely customizable, and most physicians, as far as I know, don't charge by a "unit" or anything like that for an injection like this.

Hyaluronidase does a great job to "tone down" hyaluronic acid products

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On occasion, patients will present with obvious overcorrection or superficial injections that would certainly settle with time.  However, it is so simple to use just a few touches of hyaluronidase (an enzyme that will reduce this excess) within minutes....yes literally minutes.  I have these folks completely resolved and happy before they leave the office with no pain and no bruising.

Here is the science: see the link below!  This is a fluid enzyme protein that will disorganize the HA protein and correct the problem.

Summary:  You can't generalize how much to use.  However, if this has been done correctly, just the excess can be removed leaving the perfect cosmetic effect.  You need only 20 minutes and an experienced injector.

Good luck.

Todd Hobgood


Todd Christopher Hobgood, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hyaluronidase dosing

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You need to seek an experienced dermatologist for your treatment. Those with a lot of cosmetic experience will be able to give you the best care and can adjust your dose according to how much you need . No cookie cutter answer and it depends on the volume to be dissolved as well as which drug is used.

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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