Will Hyaluronidase Spread from Lips to Marionette Lines?

I had one syringe of juvederm injected into my marionette lines and was pleased with the result. I went back the next week and asked for a slight plumping of my upper lip. The PS injected one syringe of juvederm into my upper lip. Now my upper lip is huge and and I hate it. I know that some of it is swelling but I still feel it is way over-filled. If I use Hyaluronidase to remove the juvederm from my lip, will it spread and destroy the good work I had done to my marionette lines?

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Hyaluronidase doesn't spread

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Hyaluronidase doesn't spread so you won't have a problem with having it injected into your top lip while avoiding the marionette lines, which you do like. In general with lips, what you have described, is disproportionate injecting. On most people, the bottom lip is 2/3 of the full lips, and the top lip is 1/3. If your injector put a full syringe into your top lip and none into your bottom lip, you are now off balance, which is what you don't like. It is not a good idea to only inject the top lip, as this results in "trout pout". Next time, opt to have 1/3 of the syringe injected into the top lip, and 2/3 into the bottom lip. This will result in a much more natural, balanced look.

Widase is a great solution for overfilled lips with juvederm

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You will be fine with the injection of hyaluronidase into the lips.  Within minutes, your problem will be corrected with a few injections with a nearly painless process.  This fluid product is injected in such small volumes that it is completely controlled.  In fact, I believe you could use an appropriate amount to remove just a bit of excess therefore maintaining a comfortable augmentation of the lips.
If you find an experienced injector, this will not be an issue.
Thanks for the great question.
Todd Hobgood.

Todd Christopher Hobgood, MD
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