Can I Have Filler the Day After Hyaluronidase Injection?

I have just had Hyaluronidase put in my right cheek today, Monday 10th October 2011 at 530pm as I had way to much filler on the right more then the left side, It is 1017pm same day! and already it as dissolved way to much and my right cheek is now very thin and as dents in places compared to the left cheek which is perfect and what we wanted, I am very scared as I was told Hyaluronidase takes 3 days to work. It looks terrible and its only just over 4 hours since I had treatment. Please help????

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More filler after hyaluronidase?

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I am sure you are disappointed to have had to have hyaluronidase placed into an area that you have just had treated.  How long did you wait after your dermal cheek filler before having the hyaluronidase treatment?  The problem with hyaluronidase is that the amount of filler that a particular amount of hyaluronidase dissolves will vary and is slightly unpredictable.  Putting a little hyaluronidase into an area of hyaluronic acid dermal filler does not necessarily mean that only a small amount of hyaluronic acid will be dissolved.  I would wait at least 3 days before having the area refilled to insure that there is no residual hyaluronidase in the area which would compromise your results.

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After Hyalorinidase I tell patients to wait at least one week before reinjection of fillers for things to stabilize.

Re-evaluate in one week

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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