Is HPL As Effective As IPL Laser for Hair Removal?

I am considering buying a home laser for hair removal. There are two which keep popping up. However, one is HPL and the other is IPL. I hear IPL is what medical grade hair removal lasers use. However, the HPL is more user friendly and apparently less painful. I am afraif of spending a lot of money for something which will not be effective in the long term. Is an HPL system effective for decent hair reduction?

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Yes, Laser Hair Removal at Home Can Be Effective

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Home lasers for hair removal now, in 2014, come in laser form and IPL form. They do work, and if they are from reputable companies, they have gone through the FDA process, which means they are safe and effective. They are probably not as effective as IPLs or lasers in our offices, but as adjuvant treatments, these can be very useful. We actually sell several kinds in our office and they have been very useful for those who have purchased them as part of our overall hair removal program.

The biggest problem with them to me is having unrealistic expectations. They may not do the same as what we can do in our offices but they are useful if you understand that limitations may exist. But don’t be afraid of them – some are quite good.

Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Evaluation of Home Laser Hair reduction

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Home laser hair removal has a long tradition using:

1. Waxing effective for six to eight weeks; however leaves red spots where the hair is removed

2. Chemical depilatory: Calcium thioglycolate is an over-the-counter product which dissolves elements in hair allowing it to be scraped from your skin. Hair regrows in the usual time, face two weeks, legs a month.

3. Home Light emiting diodes: These product may someday be effective. Current owners must know that the technology will change and soon; buyer beware.

Traditional laser are safe and effective. For the forseeable future remain the gold standard for permanent hair reduction.

Richard C. Mattison, MD (retired)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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