Eyebrow Hair Loss After IPL

I had IPL in March to correct red capillaries left by "Vitalize" chemical peel that I had a month earlier. I asked the nurse if I should cover my eyebrows, as years ago I had hair removal done between my brows, and the nurse had me cover my brows with cotton to prevent hair loss. This time, I was told that this was a different laser (I assumed since it targeted veins and not hair) and I didn't need to cover my brows. She did a few pulses and I went home.

Then, about a month ago, my eyebrow hair started to gradually fall out. It has gotten more noticeable and I am very upset. Is it possible for the IPL to have affected my eyebrows since they weren't covered? If so, will the hair stop falling out and grow back? Any assistance you can give is much appreciated. Thank you.

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Your eyebrow hair may return after IPL.

If the hair loss happened after only 1 IPL treatment, you should expect to see re-growth, since it typically takes 6 or more treatments to get permanent hair reduction.

I also think that consultation with a board-certified dermatologist familiar with IPL or laser hair removal would be very helpful.

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Other possiblities

Certainly, this can happen, the light from the IPL does reach the hair follicle and can send the hair into the resting phase, telogen, in which it would fall out a few weeks later. It of course can cause, if too much fluence was given cause destruction of the matrix of the follicle, in which case the hair will not grow back.

Other entities which might have been coincidental might have occurred. For instande you might havedeveloped alopecia areata which effects only certain areas of the eyebrow, Certainly thyroid disease can cause the same problem.

I would return to the phsician who runs the cosmetic spa, hopefully a dermatologist, the these days who knows. Your dermatologsits can make the proper diagnosis and recommend atreatment plans.

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