How Much Weight Can I Lose from Tummy Tuck Surgery?

How much weight (in loose skin/tissue) will I lose from a tummy tuck?

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Not a lot of weight loss from tummy tuck

This type of surgery is performed to remove excess, loose, hanging skin/fat and to tighten stretched muscles. While patients will lose some weight (~3 - 6 lbs), they don't lose a lot. However, they do end up with a flatter abdomen, tighter abdominal muscles, and better waistline.

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A healing wound can burn calories.

The goal of the tummy tuck is to improve contour and remove inches. In some cases dramatic weight loss may occur following this procedure, however it really depends on the initial indications for the procedure. For example, if you had a gastric bypass procedure to lose weight then chances areĀ  you have more skin and subcutaneous fat to be removed. That certainly differs from someone requesting a tummy tuck that has abdominal stretchmarks following childbirth.

Tummy Tucks should never be used as a method of losing weight. Weight loss may however be a secondary gain from this procedure. Not only from the removal of unwanted skin and fat, but also because of the demands placed on the body following this type of procedure. The increased metabolic activity related to wound healingĀ as well as the decrease in appetite related to the anesthetic and narcotics given postop, all contribute to this weight loss to some extent. Psychologically, the surgery may increase ones desire to excercise and eat right maximizing ones results.

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Weight loss after tummy tuck varies

How much weight is lost after a tummy tuck depends on the size of the "pannus", or the extra skin and fat that is removed.  This can be ten pounds or more for a massive weight loss patient, but for an average patient who is having a tummy tuck to "fix" what pregnancies caused, it is usually not enough to make much of a difference in weight immediately after surgery.  However, I have found that patients do tend to lose some weight after a tummy tick on their own, often finding that the tightening of the abdominal muscles makes them feel full much more quickly.

W. Tracy Hankins, MD
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Not that much weight loss after a tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck operation addresses loose (droopy) skin, extra fat, and rectus muscles that have been pulled apart, (usually with pregnancy). We take off a substanital amount of tissue, but it does not weigh that much when placed on the scale. Remember bone and muscle weigh more than fat and skin. It will look like more "weight" was dropped by the patient as they will get into their clothes better and have a trimmer shape.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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Abdominoplasty for contouring, not weight loss

Abdominoplasty procedures are commonly referred to as 'tummy tucks.' In these procedures, excessive skin and fat are removed in the area between the pubis and the umbilicus. Additionally, the abdominal muscles are tightened in order to reduce the protrusion of the abdomen.

The amount of fat removed is dependent on the amount of skin laxity in the area. This often depends on the degree of stretch marks present along the abdomen.

An abdominoplasty is thus a recontouring procedure of the anterior abdominal wall rather than a weight loss surgery.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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This question reflects a common misconception about...

This question reflects a common misconception about 'tummy tuck' abdominoplasty surgery.

An abdominoplasty is not a means for weight loss. It IS a way to recontour your abdominal wall and flanks AFTER losing a significant amount of weight. Surgical results with abdominoplasty are optimized in patients that have made an effort to lose as much weight to approximate their ideal body weights.

So the real question should be: how much weight should I lose BEFORE I have an abdominoplasty?

In reality, you really don't lose a lot of weight from an abdominoplasty, no matter how much fat and soft tissue is removed during the procedure.

Most Kindly,

Dr. Sattler

Scott C. Sattler, MD, FACS
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This depends on your body weight and shape before surgery

Tummy tuck surgery varies greatly from patient to patient. There are three components to the surgery that can be corrected. These are 1) excess abdominal fat 2) excess abdominal skin and 3) loose abdominal muscles. Most patients have all or only some of these indications and therefore each surgery is uniquely designed for each individual patient. Some patients will lose a significant amount of weight with this surgery and I have removed up to 20 pounds in some patients. However, most patients typically lose a more modest amount of weight but benefit greatly from the removal of loose skin and stretch marks with the simultaneous tightening of all of the abdominal muscles. Patients can expect to achieve a flat belly with tight muscles with a modest amount of weight loss depending on the amount of excess fat present before surgery.

David Rankin, MD
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Measure your satisfaction on your pant size not the scale

The amount of weight lost with a tummy tuck varies depending on how much weight you are carrying in the tissue that is to be removed (specifically the tissue between the pubic area and belly button). Generally this is 1-3 lbs although I have removed an excess of 10 lbs in a few patients. If your goal is weight loss, you can loose three pounds easily in a week with diet and exercise, but you won't lose THAT three pounds!

York Jay Yates, MD
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Weight loss from a tummy tuck

While a tummy tuck can change the contour of your abdomen dramatically, it does not change your weight significantly. In women who have a very thin frame, the removed portion of skin may only be 1 lb--even if it is 8 by 12 inches in dimension! For larger women, a very large removal might only be 8 lb. Thinking about it, I'd say most tummy tucks remove about 1 to 4% of the patent's body weight. You should not think of a tummy tuck as a weight loss procedure, but rather a re-shaping procedure.

Michael A. Bogdan, MD, FACS
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The amount of weight lost depends on how much extra skin...

The amount of weight lost depends on how much extra skin and fat you have that needs to be removed. The best candidates for a tummy tuck have reached a weight that is within 10 lbs of their ideal weight before having a tummy tuck performed.

Consequently, the usual amount of weight found in the removed tissus is less than 5 lbs.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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