How Much Does Gastric Banding Cost?

Without insurance, what does the gastric banding procedure usually cost?

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Cost of gastric banding

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Besides the initial cost of placement of the gastric band, you also have to consider the cost of having it adjusted.  If done in the doctor's office, it is generally about $150 per fill.  If done at the hospital with x-ray guidance, it's much more.  Some patients only need a few adjustments, but most need 6-10 in the first few years.

Then you have to add in the cost of removing the band and converting to another operation, which occurs in 30-40 percent of patients... all of which makes banding a very expensive proposition.

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Cost of Lap-Band

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The cost of Lap-Band is variable depending on where you are in the country.  Our self pay price is $15,000 to have the surgery performed in New York City.  You can also go to Mexico which is much cheaper but I would not recommend because they use inferior bands and your safety is not assured as well as it being difficult for follow-up.

Lap Band cost

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There are nationwide differences in the cost of lap band surgery but one can reasonably expect the cost to be in the range to $ 8500 to $11000 at this time. It s important to know what exactly does that amount cover. An important issue to consider is that cash patients may be exposed to significant costs if there is a complication. Ask about what happens if there is an issue with the lap band in the short term and how that is covere or not covered.

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
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