How Much Does a Chemical Peel Cost?

What determines the cost of a chemical peel (number of treatments, deepness of wrinkles, area covered, etc)?

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Cost chemical peel

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The cost of a chemical peel depends on several factors - the brand of peel, the time it takes to do the peel, and the risk involved.  Some peels have brand names, like ViPeel and Perfect Peel.  There is a cost to the provider for these products, so that cost has to be recouped by the provider.  More aggressive peels that do deeper generally cost more because they take more time and there is more risk for the practitioner to manage.  Keep in mind that more superficial peels may cost less for the initial peel itself, but multiple treatments may be needed to get good results.  In Los Angeles, superficial peels cost $150 - 300.  Medium depth TCA peels cost $500-750.

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

Cost of Chemical Peels

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Hi there-

The cost of a chemical peel is determined by the type of peel you are having done.

For example, in our practice a glycolic peel is $75 and our Lactic peel is $65.00 per treatment.

We offer a stronger peel called the VI peel that is $300 per treatment.

Package pricing for all our peels is also available since typically a series of treatments is required to achieve optimal results.

Package prices will usually lower the cost of each peel since you are paying for multiple treatments at one time.

The cost of your chemical peel treatment will vary depending on the areas you are having treated as well.

The cost of $75 for a glycolic peel includes treatment of the face, neck and decollete. If you are wanting to treat your arms and hands as well this would be considered a separate treatment for another charge of $75 due to the additional solution that would be used.

Cost of a Chemical Peel

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There are several factors that determine the cost of a chemical peel. The most significant difference in cost is related to the type of chemical peel that is being performed. Superficial peels such as those containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid are typically much cheaper than the stronger medium- and deep-depth chemical peels, like the TCA peel and the phenol-croton oil peel. These stronger peels are often performed under anesthesia, which contributes an added cost, and may take more time to perform and manage after the procedure is complete. However, the results of these stronger peels are usually permanent, whereas a more superficial peel may require several repeat treatments to achieve an adequate result. The severity of the skin issues to be treated, such as the deepness of the wrinkles or the amount of pigmentation changes, will be factors in determining which treatment is right for you. I recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board-certified physician who specializes in facial skin care and can evaluate your particular concerns to recommend the treatment that is most effective for you within your proposed budget. Remember, when it comes to your face, cost is a consideration, but the most important thing is that you find someone who will provide you with safe and effective treatment!

Jordan Cain, MD
Frisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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There are so many varieties of chemical peels

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Cost will vary on what type of peel, how deep it goes, how technically challenging it is, who performs it and for what indication. The chemical peel is still one of the best cosmetic procedures available even with lasers on the market. 

Sameer Bashey, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chemical Peel Pricing

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The cost of chemical peels depends on many factors such as the severity of the wrinkles, the extent of the sun damage, the total number of treatments, the specific area needing treatment, the brand and type of peel, time of peel and deepness. Deeper peels typically cost more as they are more time intensive and the risk management is greater. In Santa Barbara, superficial peels average between $250 -$400 while medium depth TCA peels cost between $600 to $800.


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Tthe cost of a chemical peel depends on:

  • the severity of the wrinkles / sun damage to treat
  • number of treatments
  • area to be treated
  • the type of peel
  • physician supervision
  • post treatment care.

Fees range between $50 - $6000 (for a full facelift like peel)


Dr. Carlos Cordoba
Plastic & Esthetic Surgeon
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Montreal, QC. Canada H3Z 3J8

Carlos Cordoba, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Chemical Peel Costs

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Light chemical peels such a Jessner's solution cost $175 each and usually need 5-6 peels at 2 weeks apart. 10-15% TCA peels run about $250 each and need 3-5 peels. 20-25% TCA peels run about $500-750 each and most need 2-3 peels. 30-35% TCA peels run about $750-1500 each and 1-2 peels do great for most patients. You also will need a good cortisone lotion, prescription bleaching cream and sunscreen with each peel.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Peel type and need for anesthesia and aftercare

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Deeper peels need anesthesia and more aftercare (more visits to the doctor's office during healing). This makes them a bigger deal and therefore more expensive. Laser peels also tend to cost more than chemical peels as equipment cost factors in as well.

Deeper peels correct more pigment, wrinkles, etc. Not everyone benefits by the same peel.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Chemical peel cost or price

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Prices for a chemical peel will vary based on the type of peel performed. Some superficial chemical peels can be performed at home and purchased over the counter while others are performed by aestheticians and other non-physicians. Deeper chemical peels will generally require a physician and more intense post treatment care. This will usually result in a higher cost. Deep chemical peels such as phenol require cardiac monitoring which will also add to the cost.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Costs of Chemical Peels

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Chemical peels can range in costs from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars depending on the strength of the acid peel and what type of peel is being performed.  The costs also range on who is performing the peels.  In my office only the physician (myself) performs the peels and I use medical grade peels which only a physician can administer.  The results are wonderful and leave your skin smoother and rejuvenated.

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