How Long Does It Take to Fix a Medium-sized Teeth Gap?

I am a sophomore in high school who is very self conscious of her teeth. I have a medium-sized gap, which is obviously too big to be fixed by bonding. My mother has not made the consultation yet, but I am assuming that my gap between the top teeth and moderate spacing on the bottom is my only problem. I was just curious as to how long traditional braces (or preferably invisalign if my gap is not too big for the system) would take. Thank you!

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Closing my gap!

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your gap is not too bad... i would agree that you can clsoe it in 6-8 months and get a stable result. I would recommend traditional braces so your outcome will be more predictable and shorter.


San Diego Orthodontist

Invisalign or braces for correction of gapped front teeth?

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Regular braces and Invisalign can work equally well for correction of space between front teeth. In most cases the length of time for such correction is the same whether braces or Invisalign aligners are used. Closing just the gap could take as little as six to eight months. But when there is a gap like the one you show, there are usually other associated bite problems that should be fixed at the same time. if so, the treatment could take longer. With an quick examination your orthodonitst should be able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate of how long your treatment will take.

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

Depending on the method, 6-12 months

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With wires, it might be a bit faster, perhaps 6 months (if we are only talking about the gap). Invisalign will be around the same. At your age, comprehensive orthodontics would be best, as fine tuning the bite can be managed as well as facial development.

I would suggest a complete evaluation with a local dentist or orthodontist to find out a more clear estimate.

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