Tummy tuck post op belly button depth?

I measured my belly button with a cotton tip applicator, (from the botton to the outter edge) if i measured correctly per the measurements on the cotton tip applicator paper my belly button measures 4 inches deep. is the due to post op swelling and will the depth decrease? after a tummy tuck and/or as post op swelling decrease what should the average/normal depth of the belly button?

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Belly Button post Tummy Tuck

Thanks for your inquiry.  There is not really an average depth of a belly button.  That really varies from patient to patient.  If you are experiencing swelling, then it you can experience increased depth which should decrease as the swelling subsides.  I would follow up with your Plastic Surgeon regarding your belly button questions.  Best of luck. 

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Tummy tuck post op belly button depth?

The depth is mostly due to pulling the bely button back through the abdominal wall. Some is from swelling but most is just from what I described above. We literally have to stretch the new belly button up through the abdominal wall and if you have a thicker abdominal wall it travels farther and is stretched and if you have a thinner abdominal wall it is not stretched as much and is less deep. 



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Tummy tuck post op belly button depth?

I'm glad you asked this question. One of the things that I make sure patients understand before getting a tummy tuck is the belly button will look different after surgery. This is even more so in patients who are overweight. The excess fat tends to hide the belly button. Once all of this is removed and the muscles are tightened, the belly button is so much more obvious. This can make it appear higher on the abdomen. Likely your belly button isn't any longer as we don't do anything to the stalk during the surgery. You are just more aware of it. Always ask your PS just to make sure.

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The length of the bellybutton after a tummy tuck

After the swelling has receded, you can still expect a deep umbilicus after a tummy tuck. This often has to do with the amount of tightening the muscles required. The bellybutton is turned in and then when it is repaired to the skin, it is put under stretch, which elongates it. Because of this, the patient needs to concentrate on good hygiene to keep it clean.

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Belly button depth

this depends on several factors. it is often deeper in patients who are overweight.  swelling also makes it appear deeper. 

wish you a quick recovery and best wishes!
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Belly button depth

The depth of your belly button can depend on many factors. Four inches is fairly deep but may be normal in a more overweight patient. If the belly button is very long you can shorten it surgically by removing the outer portion. 

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