Apron - I can't get rid of the fungal infection under my apron.

Have more weight to loose so I'll have to live with is. Any suggestions? Would some kind d of garment help raise this section to keep it dry? Using script Nystatin but doesn't work.

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Apron fungal infection

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My best advice would be to lose weight to reach a goal body mass index (height to weight ratio) of 35 or less, than have an Abdominoplasty. In the interim, you can try powders and skin lotions to help prevent skin friction.


You may be a good candidate for panniculectomy...

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  I am sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing.  Although a tummy tuck operation may be necessary to achieve the aesthetic outcome you will be happy with long-term you may be a good candidate for panniculectomy surgery now.

The panniculectomy operation involves excision of the lower abdominal wall pannus or overhanging skin/adipose tissue. It is not considered an aesthetically driven procedure; it is often performed to help with concerns such as skin breakdown, infections/rashes…

Best wishes.

Apron - I can't get rid of the fungal infection under my apron.

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Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your fungal infections.  Depending on the size of your apron it may be prudent to have a procedure termed a panniculectomy which removes this excess tissue and largely resolves infection-related issues. It does not preclude you from a tummy tuck in the future if that is your ultimate desire but can make your activities of daily living a bit more manageable.  Hope this helps. 

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