Will shutting eyes too hard in a yawn or a sneeze cause any damage to a Double Eyelid Suture (non-incision) 1 month in?

Will shutting eyes too hard in a yawn or a sneeze cause any damage to a double eyelid suture (non-incisional method) one month into the recovery? When I furrow my brow and close my eyes tightly there is a faint stinging sensation which I presume is from the double eyelid folds squeezing against each other. Is closing eyes tightly something to avoid at this juncture?

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Your still healing

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Thank you for the question.  I like this question because it's a common question in my office. It's very normal to have a few things going on up to a month and even longer after Asian eyelid surgery. A little tension or discomfort is very common and I would say normal when you do things like frown hard, Sneeze, or rub the eyelids. It's also normal in some cases to have some numbness of the eyelashes and eyelid below the incision line. This will also go away. You should always check in with your surgeon but it sounds like it's a normal process for you so far.

Chase Lay, MD

Asian eyelid surgery specialist

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Can certain actions ruin double eyelid surgery results?

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One of the privileged things about eyelids is that they heal faster than almost any other part of the body. By one month, the sutures have created enough scar tissue and memory in the tissue that simply squeezing your eyelids together would do anything. What you are feeling is probably tension against the set suture since that suture will not stretch like your own tissue. While I wouldn't go purposely exacerbating the sensation, I would not worry about this tingling sensation when you squeeze your eyelids together. 

Lily Lee, MD
Pasadena Plastic Surgeon
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It is possible that the sutures can tear out.

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This is one of the reasons double fold surgery performed with sutures can fail.  Generally the sutures do create internal scars that help the procedure to stand up.  Enjoy your surgery.  Do not stress the eyelids now that you know this.  Hopefully your sutures hold and your surgical effect holds up.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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