Cosmetic Bonding after braces?? Question for both Orthodontists & dentists (photos)

I want to get cosmetic bonding between my left & right canines.i have these weird groves(pics below) which are the natural shape of my teeth.bc of the natural shape braces alone won't close those two spaces. How does bonding after braces typically work? Will I have time to whiten my teeth before bonding (I don't want the spaces to open again if I wait to long) do I go as soon as I take my braces off? Will I have to get a new retianer after bonding? PlZ someone explain everything I should know

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Bonding and ortho

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Hi there,

When you get your braces off you will be given a retainer.  This is usually a plastic splint that covers all of the teeth.  Providing that you are over the age of 18, you will be able to whiten your teeth using an appropriate whitening system prescribed by your dentist.  Once whitening is completed, you should wait around 14 days before you have any kind of composite bonding performed on your teeth.  This is to allow "bounce-back" - a so called settling of the colour and sealing of the surface of the teeth after whitening.  After this time, and providing your teeth are the correct shade that you expect, the teeth can be bonded.  Composite bonding can work very effectively to reshape teeth after orthodontic treatment, and no preparation of the teeth is necessary (no drilling), but sometimes bonding can chip, requiring replacement, and you may need to have it polished up at your check up appointments to maintain a good appearance.  It is a great way to improve teeth though - but your individual needs should be discussed in detail with your treating dentist.

Hope this helps!


MJ x

Braces and more

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The process for restorative treatment after orthodontic treatment is usually as follows:
Appliances (braces) removed, retainer to be worn immediately after appliance removal, teeth whitening to desired shade, cosmetic bonding after tooth color stabilizes (about 2 weeks after whitening). Your retainer may need to be adjusted or remade after the bonding. It is important that your dentist and orthodontist work together closely to coordinate the appointments.
Chi H. Bui, DMD, MS

Chi H. Bui, DMD, MS
Fountain Valley Orthodontist

Bonding after ortho

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Have your orthodontist make a clear over your teeth temp retainer and use it to apply whitening at home ( your bonding dentist should provide it).  Once whitening is complete you can proceed with the bonding and then have a more long=term retainer made.

Barry Jason, DDS
Great Neck Dentist

Cosmetic bonding

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Yes, bonding with composite resin (the white tooth colored filling material) can help with those grooves.  Some patients have a more pronounced incisal edge, or slope, on the front part of their canines.  I would encourage you bleach your teeth first, and then have your dentist place the bonding in those areas.  The bonding does not bleach like your natural teeth and you'll want any work to blend as seamlessly as possible with your natural teeth.  I would like to add that the bonding in those sites may stay or they may come off rather quickly;  your canines take a lot of force and the bonding may 'pop' off as a result. 

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