What can I do to make my chin appear smooth when smiling? (Photos)

Every time I smile I get wierd lines and dimples in my chin. I've tried botox with some success, but when I have it done it changes my smile. It limits my bottom lip from coming down as far as it usually does and prevents me from showing my teeth. Should I try fillers to fix this or is botox my only hope?

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Botox to smooth the chin

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Botox to the mentalis can certainly correct the peau d'orange or "golfball" like texture of the chin. If the positioning of the lower lip is changing, it means the injector is also injecting fibers of the depressor labii inferioris. That should be correctable with a change in injection technique. The dimpling you dislike on your chin is due to the pull of the underlying muscles, and not because of volume loss so I think neurotoxins, and not fillers, are the best way to correct the problem.

Columbus Dermatologic Surgeon

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