Is it possible to get filler in the chin to make it pointier?

I would like to habe the tip of my chin pointier is it possible with filler ?

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Chin Fillers

Yes! We like to use the filler Juvederm Voluma for chin enhancement. It’s FDA indicated to last up to two years and we’ve seen awesome results with it for non-surgical nose augmentation.

Columbus Physician
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Chin Fillers

Yes it is possible to create a more prominent chin with one of the available off the shelf fillers.  We prefer either Voluma or Radiesse for this and both work well.  Another alternative is to have a silastic implant inserted.  Of course the benefit to this is that it is a permanent solution.  In the right hands this is a thirty minute procedure and very safe.

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
Lexington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Non- Surgical Chin Enhancement with Radiesse

A chin enhancement is a very quick and easy treatment that produces immediate results with no downtime.  Dr. Ebrahim prefers to use Radiesse as it is a thicker product that provides a very result. check out the video

Shehla Ebrahim, MD
Vancouver Physician
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