Breast Augmentation with gap 'touch up'? (Photos)

Hi, so I had breast argumentation done 3 weeks ago. I know what everyone will say it's to early to judge.. and I know that. But I've read alot that when you have a gap to begin with after breast augmentation it will not change to become closers together after. I hate my gap it's 2 fingers of a gap and I also hate how small they are. I showed my PS photos of what I wanted, and also what I don't like. Will I be able to change that with a "touch up" get bigger implants that are closers together??

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Breast Implant "Gap" Touch-Up

First, it is too early to judge the final result of your breast augmentation as the implants need to settle downward over several weeks and the muscle needs to relax.  That said, it is true that when implants are placed behind the pectoral muscle, the positioning of the implants medially toward the middle of your chest (the sternum) is limited by the attachments of your pectoral muscles.  If you over release these attachments, then you run the risk of your breast implants ending up touching in the middle, which is very unnatural.  This can also happen when implants are in front of the muscle, if the pockets are dissected to far toward the middle.  Nevertheless, it might be possible for your pockets to be dissected a little more medially to move the border of your breasts/implants a little closer.  Otherwise, you could try some fat grafting or just rely on a bra to enhance a certain look for particular outfits.

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Getting more cleavage

You are still very early in your healing process, and it appears that your implants are under the muscle.  The only way to get more cleavage is either fat grafting or changing your implants to an over the muscle position (or both).

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Breast Augmentation with gap 'touch up'?

You are very early in the healing process. Your implants will continue to settle and soften with time. You are correct that breast augmentation will not make the gap in between your breasts any smaller it will stay the same. The issue with going with a larger implant diameter is you could potentially end up with symmastia. Your wish picture is unrealistic as her corset like dress is pushing her breasts up and together same as any push up bra would. I recommend discussing your concerns with your surgeon. 


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The appearance and spacing of your cleavage could be a function of your anatomy and not possible to change without risk of complications. Placing larger implants might result in having breasts that stick out from your sides farther. Often, once the breasts are no longer firm and have settled somewhat, the contours of cleavage will soften. I recommend that you wait at least a few more months to assess.

All the best

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More cleavage

Yes that is possible but one has to be careful not to go too medial and release the skin bridge and hence get a big uno breast or symastia.One could do some fat grafting to help correct your cleavage.

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What's with the gap?

Unfortunately, a touch up with larger implants would likely not improve the gap. All women are different and have different sternal (breast bone) widths. That gap is determined by where your pectorals muscles insert onto that breast bone and cannot be altered. To try try to get the breast closer together would be to risk symmastia, which is a very difficult problem to correct and larger implants will just push the breasts more out to the side. That said, from the photos, it does not appear that you have a particularly wide sternum and have quite large implants that are clearly still riding very high. My guess is that once the breasts settle and soften, that a good, well-fit push-up bra will solve the perceived problem and allow the breasts to appear to come together in the way you are hoping they will. 

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Breast Gap

Thank you for your question and for your photos. I understand your concern but it's really too early to determine your end result. Your muscle and breast tissue need time to stretch in order to allow your implants to settle into their final position. This usually takes at least 6 months. As always if you have any questions or concerns you should always consult your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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As the implants stretch the overlying soft tissue, the breasts will project more and not be so tight on your chest wall.  Eventually with a bra or dress, they may end up with the narrow gap you are looking for.  Best wishes, Dr. T

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Décolletage, Cleavage, Implant Separation

Hi China doll
Please read the blog in the link below and see why you are not happy with the  wide gap. With your current technique/implant combination it is unlikely that you will get any significant improvement in your cleavage. Please wait a few months for the surgery to properly heal then seek a revision surgeon that will be able to deliver the results you desire.

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Breast Augmentation with gap 'touch up'? (Photos

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  I see your area of concern and as your results mature, and the tissues soften, you should be able to create a more narrow gap between your breasts with a well-fitting undergarment.  When not in a garment your gap will remain as the separation is a result of the width of your breastbone and natural breast placement.  Any attempts at narrowing this gap can lead to communication of your implant pockets, termed synmastia.  I would voice your concerns about your current appearance to your surgeon during your follow-up visit so that they can review with you the operative plan and the surgical/anatomic limitations of your results.  Hope this helps.

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