Swelling and soreness after breast massage post BA?

I am 8 days post op and started my breast massage yesterday. I massage with arnica cream and have been 5 times per day as instructed. I am only using enough pressure that I can tolerate. My breasts seem be more sore and slightly more swollen today. Is this normal? How hard should I massage this early post op? I am avoiding my bruises and incision so I don't agrivate it. Also, is it safe to massage with a cooling gel like bio freeze (avoiding incision site) to help with comfort and swelling?

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Post Op Massage


Not all Plastic Surgeons recommend massage and each has their own preferred methods of doing so. It is best that you follow up with your Plastic Surgeon for specific advice and instructions or to share your concerns.

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Soreness after massages

It's normal to feel soreness and swelling after massages.   Try not be too aggressive when doing the massages.   Wait a few more weeks and you'll feel a lot better. 

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Swelling and soreness after breast massage post BA?

PLEASE call and go see your chosen operative surgeon for ALL these postop issues! You have the right to be seen.

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Swelling and soreness after breast massage post BA

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery!  Some discomfort after breast massage is not uncommon and is one of the reasons I do not recommend it to patients.  It also has not been shown to materially affect your results or reduce capsular contracture rates.  I would reach out to your surgeon's office to discuss their preferred method of implant displacement exercises as they know the full details of your procedure.  Hope this helps..

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