I experience chest pain after breast augmentation, why?

I got 400cc breast implants 3 years ago and I have a very small frame. The surgeon advised that I only go with 350cc but I didn't listen. I noticed that I get sharp pains in my chest area on the left-hand side towards my left breast. I underwent ECG and it turned out normal but still, I'm paranoid so I brought myself to the 2d echo clinic and got my heart scanned. I attached the result so I could get some feedback. Besides that, I have an anxiety disorder which I'm taking medicine for.

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Chest pain

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Sorry you are having this.  I have seen this in several patients. Most were stress rib fracture or costochondritis. A bone scan can help wth the diagnosis but usually pain resolves in a few months. See your doctor to be sure.

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Post Op 3 Years

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Thank you for your question. It is best that you follow up with your primary care Physician in person to investigate your issues. Chest pain could be musculoskeletal or anxiety related as well.

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