Why Do I Have Hollow and Sunken Eyes That Look Like They Are in my Head? (photo)

I have always have sunken eyes and i don't know why please help. Everytime i smile it looks awful and their is a big gap between my eyes and cheek. My eyes are also tiny and i don't have much of an eyelid. Nobody else seem to have it as bad as me, and i'm only 15.

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Tear Trough Deformity

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Dear beautiful 15 year old Abbie: First, take a look at your relatives and what do you see?  Do they have similar issues?  Honestly, you need not do anything at this time in your life, but a series of tiny Juvederm or Restylane (fillers) injections strategically placed between your orbicularis oculi and nasalis muscles may do wonders!

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Hollow and sunken eyes

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  It is certainly hard to be just 15 years old and to have such cosmetic concerns and I sympathize with you entirely.  It is also hard for the doctors on this forum to recommend procedures for a 15 year old.  Nevertheless, you certainly are displaying prominence of the naso-jugal groove (tear trough), and you might consider (but not rush into) and under eye filler such as Restylane.  Good luck!

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Talk to your parents regarding this..

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Talking to your parents and pediatrician is a good way to start.

You do have some anatomic features that are consistent with what you describe, but your perception of what you see may be out of proportion to those features.

There are some procedures that we might recommend for someone a bit older, and after discussion with your parents, you might be more comfortable to wait a few more years.


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Why Do I Have Hollow and Sunken Eyes That Look Like They Are in my Head?

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Age 15 this is your genetic predisposition or are you starving yourself for weight loss? Either way you need patental permission to have a filler placed. 

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