What Does a Heightened Nose Bridge Do for the Rest of Your Face?

I have a low nose bridge (asian). If I get rhinoplasty to heighten my nose bridge, what would it do for the rest of my face? (i.e. create the illusion of a slimmer face, smaller eyes, or smaller nose tip).

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I have a low nose bridge (asian). If I get rhinoplasty to heighten my nose bridge, what would it do for the rest of my face?

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  The nose with an increased nasal bridge height, during Rhinoplasty, will make the distance between the eyes more narrow.  The rest of the face is defined by the cheeks, eye area and lips.  Look at these facial features using the proper aesthetics of facial beauty to achieve a natural, more attractive appearance.

Heightened Nasal Bridge and Affect on Face

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It may make your face seem slimmer but not much else.

Affect of heightened nose bridge

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Heightening the nose bridge gives the illusion that the bridge of the nose is actually higher and narrower rather than shorter and flatter.  It will also give the illusion of the tip being less short and flat.

Heightened nasal bridge

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Improving the dorsal height usualy gives the illusion that the eyes are a bit closer and this projects a more harmonious appearance for msot people.

Heightened Nasal Bridge in Asian Patient

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A heightened nasal bridge will improve definition and projection in an Asian patient. This will also improve facial contours and proportions, which is synonymous with beauty. The goal should be to Westernize the face, but enhance positive Asian characteristics.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How does Asian rhinoplasty affect your other features

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Raising the area between your eyes can make the eyes appear closer together, so the bridge may need to be may slightly lower than the ideal. It can also balance out wide cheekbones (Asians are known as being dolicephalic, referring to the head shape).


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