Is It Possible to Revers an Asian Rhinoplasty?

Did anyone ever had anyone patient who asked to reverse the Rhinoplasty? Is it possible for me to go back to the way I looked? I was happy and wanted just an enhancement but my doctor turn out not a plastic surgery board certified! So I don't even want him to touch me again. I am 12 days inot post ops and I just want to reverse everything and go back to be me.. is that possible and when?

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Reversing Asian rhinoplasty.

Reversing Asian rhinoplasty is possible, but I would need to know if you had an implant as well as what else was done to determine when to do this.

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Reversing Asian rhinoplasty

Reversing an Asian Rhinoplasty is feasible. However, you will need to have an in person consultation and exam with an experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeon to explore your options.

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Reversing Asian rhinoplasty

The short answer is usually, yes, if what you received was the usual silicone implant without major tip work. It also depends on how long ago the procedure was done - the more recent, the better. If major work was done, then it may not be possible to completely reverse the procedure.

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Reversing Asian Rhinoplasty

Unfortunately you are not alone, and this is a common request from those having surgery done abroad, implant placement, etc.  Depending on how the surgery was performed, it may be possible to reverse you close to how you looked preoperatively.  However, it would be nearly impossible to reverse you 100% to how you were before anything was done.

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Reversing Asian Rhinoplasty

Whether you can reverse any rhinoplasty, Asian or not, will depend on what was done at the time of surgery. However, you are only 12 days post-op - it is impossible to judge your result. Be patient; don't make a rash decision about another surgery.

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Asian Rhinoplasty Reversal

Hi Sammie125 ,

No plastic surgeon will be able to completely reverse the original rhinoplasty operation 100%, as if nothing was ever performed in the first place. However, the nose may possibly return to a very similar preoperative appearance with revision rhinoplasty.

Nasal implants are commonly used in Asian countries. These nasal implants can be made of silicone or similar material. The implants or cartilage grafts may be removed through small incisions inside the nose.

The timing of surgical reversal should be discussed with a plastic surgeon. Some rhinoplasty surgeons may advise to wait 6 months or longer to allow resolution of swelling. However, implants may be removed at anytime. Only after a comprehensive evaluation can he/she help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki


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Is It Possible to Revers an Asian Rhinoplasty?

There is the possibility to remove grafts and implants. However, if structural components of the nose (bone and cartilage) were altered, that would be difficult to restore. Your surgery was very recent. With time and as the swelling dissipates, it is possible you will adapt to your new facial image and be satisfied. Either way it is too early to do anything. You should try to wait at least 6 months.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
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Reversing and asian rhinoplasty

asian rhinoplasties generally involve placement of implants. but   they can also alter the cartilage ,  soft tissue and narrow the now.

12 days is too soon ..  you should now probably wait several months to see how it will look and if you change your mind.

if you still want to change your nose.  your new surgeon will need the operative report to see what was actually done


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Is It Possible to Revers an Asian Rhinoplasty?

Probably not.  Rhinoplasty typically shapes the nose by removing cartilage and bone while shaping what's remaining.  Sometimes grafts are used, especially in Asian Rhinoplasty.  The only scenario, where I could see you being able to reverse everything would be in the off chance that an L-shaped silicone dorsal graft was placed to raise the bridge without removing the top of the nasal bones.

In any case, you are fresh post Rhinoplasty and may be over reacting.  You should allow yourself a few months to heal, find out what was done to your nose during the Rhinoplasty and then if it still isn't what you'd like get second opinions for a revision Rhinoplasty at 6 months from the initial surgery.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Rhinoplasty may be reversible, but be patient...

Depending on the technique, some aspects of Asian rhinoplasty may be reversible. Some physicians use artifical implants to raise the height of the nasal bridge. If it is an implant made of silastic (hard silicon) or goretex, it can usually be removed with little tissue damage. Other implant types such as Medpor have tissue ingrowth, so the undersurface of the nasal skin may end up very thin and damaged should the implant require removal.

I would caution you, however, on making any lasting judgements on the shape of your nose in this very early postop period. Swelling can last up to a year and the last portion of the nose that rounds into form is typically the nasal tip due to the properties of skin located there. You swelling will be the worst during this first 2-week period after surgery. In addition, you have lived all of your life with the nose you had, and it may take some time to adjust to your nose's new shape. In time, you may end up liking your new nose.

I echo your concerns about board-certification. The bottom-line is that you should find a doctor who has a lot of experience with rhinoplasty. If you end up wanting to have revision surgery and have lost confidence in your current surgeon, you can locate a doctor at the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery website. 

Thanks and good luck.

Michael M. Kim, MD
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