What Are Common Medications One Should Avoid After a Rhinoplasty?

Can the recovery time be extended if certain medications are not taken after rhinoplasty?

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Aspirin is a big one

Do not take any aspirin, anti-inflammatories or  blood thinners for two weeks before surgery.  However, it's always best to ask your surgeon for their advice, as it may be different.

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Common Medications to Avoid After a Rhinoplasty

Blood thinners such as aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Excedrin should be avoided before and after surgery.  Herbal supplements and related products are discouraged by many physicians both before and after surgery. Your surgeon may also have his/her own preferences for postoperative do's and don'ts as well.

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Shortening the recovery time

You should avoid aspirin related compounds for two weeks before and after surgery. Also avoid red wine. Some people swear by arnica, and although a few studies I've seen do not show any improvement, it appears to work in my experience. Also vit C can help. 


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Prevent Longer Healing Times after Rhinoplasty

You can prevent longer healing times and bruising when blood thinning medications and herbal remedies are avoided pre and postoperatively.  Please consult with your board certified specialist for a list of common medications to avoid.

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What Are Common Medications I Should Avoid After a Rhinoplasty?

You should get a complete list from your Rhinoplasty surgeon but I have my Rhinoplasty patients avoid anything that thins the blood for 4 weeks before and 3-4 weeks after.

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What Are Common Medications I Should Avoid After a Rhinoplasty?

Any medication that can decrease plaelet aggregation or cause bleeding is best avoided in the perioperative procedure. Excess bleeding into the tissues causes more bruising and swelling. I ask my patients to avoid aspirin, Advil, Motrin, Excedrin  (or any pain reliever except Tylenol), Alka Seltzer, herbal teas, herbal supplements, herbal medications, green tea, ginseng, gingko, Vitamin E, grapeseed oil for at least 2 weeks before surgery. Patients on anti-coagulant therapy require a specified protocol to avoid perioperative bleeding.

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