Heavy Eyebrow Feeling - Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis?

My eyebrows feel super heavy on my eyelids, making my eyelids feel very heavy. Is it ptosis?. I did have asian eyelid surgery (along with a ptosis repair) about 4 months ago. My brows might have dropped because they feel like weights above my eyes. The only relief I get is when I lift my eyebrows with my hands or tense up my forehead to slightly raise the brows. Then my eyes feel light, very good. What can fix this)? I'm only 19.

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Slight Eyelid Ptosis

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Hi Kool,

It appears that your left upper lid rests a little bit lower on your iris than your right lid.  Speak with your eyelid surgeon regarding your concerns and symptoms.  If your surgeon agrees, a small amount of Botox in your depressor corrugators and procerus muscles may relieve your symptoms.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Brow Droopiness

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A picture of your face in neutral position would help. You may benefit from a brow lift, however it depends on a physical examination by a PS. 

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