Will heat help break up the scarring formed because of hematomas after my facelift?

I am receiving cortisone shots after have lumps on my face (hematomas) aspirated twice. Will heat help break up the scaring that has formed because of these hematomas?

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Properly treated hematomas after a facelift should not yield significant scarring.

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First of all there is no evidence that he of any kind will help scars break up. The other issue is proper management of hematoma. If it's evacuated probably it should result in increased short-term bruising but not any significant scarring.

Will heat help break up the scarring formed because of hematomas after my facelift?

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Dear cind, thank you for your question.Swelling after a facelift may persists from weeks to months, causing bumps or asymmetries to appear. In San Diego, we monitor our patients closely for one year to address any issues. Follow up with your surgeon to check if this is swelling versus something else and if treatment is indicated. Best of Luck.

Roy A. David, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

Treatment of hematomas after facelift.

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Warm compresses may make you feel better but they should be warm and not hot to avoid injury to the freshly operated skin.  Whether the warm compresses will speed the resolution of the hematomas is questionable but I don't think they will hurt.  The best way forward is to be patient ( as it may take a few months ) and do gentle massage to the area to help break up the residual hematoma and soften the scar area which may occur there.  I personally don't use cortisone injections as there is potential for thinning of the skin in the area of the injection.

How to treat hematomas after facelift surgery

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Warm soaks certainly may make you more comfortable and may help and will not hurt hematomas beneath the skin after facelift.  In my experience once the hematomas have solidified only massage and time will make a difference.  Fortunately with massage in time most lumps or bumps caused by small hematomas will resolve but this may take many months.

Post Facelift Lumps

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The lumps caused by post facelift hematomas respond well to cortisone injections, warm compresses and frequent massage. 
It can take up to 8 weeks for it all to settle down. 
Dr. J
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