Is a pudge normal after liposuction? (Photo)

Happy with my outcome . Had lipo on all upper abdomen flanks and lower abdomen . I now notice I have a pudge in the middle of my stomach and lower abdomen ...if I get a tummy tuck will it solve the problem . Was there fat left behind ? Or is this normal . I had lipo one month ago . Thanks in advance to who ever takes the time to read and reply .

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Liposuction results are evident after 6 months

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Congrats on your liposuction. The edema following liposuction does not resolve until 6 months post-treatment. You can seek some energy-based devices such as shockwaves, or Venus legacy to maintain the firmness of your skin. These treatments can also aid resolution of swelling. Other than that sit tight and wait a couple of months before considering any other invasive procedure

Too soon to determine final result at one month post - Is a pudge normal after liposuction? (Photo)

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Thank you for posting your photos and questions. It is expected to have some irregularities in contour after liposuction while healing. This does not determine your final outcome. One month post is too soon to consider any revisions or tummy tuck. Hang in there until the six month mark for better perspective. Always address your concerns with your surgeon for best communication.

Good luck!

Swelling after Liposuction

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Thank you very much for your question and photographs. At one-month post-op, it is too soon to determine the full extent of your liposuction results. Some residual swelling is common, and this can take up to six months to fully resolve. I recommend you wait until several months have passed before deciding on a revision liposuction or tummy tuck procedure. If you still have remaining concerns, however, I recommend that you contact your operating surgeon for their advice.

Is pudge (bulge) after liposuction normal ?

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     At only one month after liposuction, it is normal to have contour irregularities.  Areas of liposuction do not swell uniformly and recover at the same rate.  It is necessary to give the abdomen several months before deciding if there is any liposuction site that needs attention.  Discuss with your doctor to be  reassured and good luck .

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