Recovery time for lipo and possibly fat transfer?

I definitely would like lipo on my stomach flank, love handles and possibly lower back. But I am also thinking of filling in hip dents with fat transfer , how long will recovery be ? I work somewhere where I am sitting 24/7 so I'm concerned because I have heard you cannot sit for a certain amount of weeks.

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You would have to be  careful after surgery to avoid sitting on the grafted areas for several weeks. Best of luck.

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Recovery time for lipo and possibly fat transfer? (Photo)


    You would do fantastic with lipocontouring. If you had a brazilain buttock lift at the time of your liposuction procedure, I generally recommend patients to not sit on their buttock for longer than 20 min intervals for one week post surgery to prevent compression of the new fat grafting. Pt are swollen for a few months post operatively and I recommend wearing a compression garment during the recovery to assist with the swelling. Hope this was helpful- Good Luck!

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Thankyou for your question.  Any of my patients go back to work within a week and a lot of it involves sitting. When you do a BBL (I.e. Fat injections into the buttock) we have patients place a special pillow on the chair. Then they sit with the back of their thighs on the special pillow, thus elevating their butt off of the chair. For more information please watch the accompanied video and I hope you find this helpful. 

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Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Thank you for your inquiry. Recovery varies but typically social and employment activities can be resumed after 2 - 3 weeks. I ask that all my patients do not sit down for 3 full weeks and i provide a Booty Buddy cushion to all by patients for better comfort. 

Strenuous activities must be avoided for 4 weeks. As for your work, you can try to arrange your office environment so that work can still be done while standing or take a 3 week vacation. Best of luck and your surgery.

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