Is 3.5 liters significant ?

Hi and thanks in advance for anyone reading . I am 130 pounds for fat removed from abdomen , back and tights . The total amount removed was 3.5 was hoping for 5 liters am I going to see the difference . I have a compressive garment and not sure of that will make difference . Not a big girl but want to be able to see change . We also did Brazilian butt lift .

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3.5L of fat Is a lot !

3.5L is significant especially if you were already a lean athletic person. I suggest you speak to your physician if concerned. although you should be looking for contouring over fat reduction.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Lipo Outcomes

It's impossible to answer your question because there are many factors that effect your outcome. Factors such as how much fat was truly available, how much of the pinch is related to fat, the volume of areas addressed, previous surgery, your skin and soft tissue elasticity, weight fluctuations, internal fat, and on and on. Speak with your surgeon. I usually find that it takes 2 weeks to start to get into your results and about 3 months to hit a somewhat stable photographic appearance. Be patient, wear your garment, massage, eat very healthy, and work out daily as soon as your surgeon says so.  

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Liposuction and fat removal

3.5 liters on a small person is quite a bit of fat.  It also depends upon who you looked before the procedure and where the fat was harvested. You will need to give it 4-6 months to settle. Best of luck.

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Is 3.5 liters significant ?

I seriously doubt a surgeon could get 3.5 liters of pure fat let alone 5 liters from liposuction on a patient of your weight. I suspect the measurement was the total aspirate, not just fat, and included blood and a significant amount of tumescent fluid, all of which will go away with time if that was used for the BBL. Hopefully your surgeon filtered all that out, but then the volume injected will have been considerably less. But 3.5 liters of pure fat injected into the buttocks in a 130# patient would probably look quite grotesque. 

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Liposuction - is 3.5 L significant.

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.

Yes, at your weight, a 3.5L liposuction of the abdomen is likely to give you a very significant result. If you are worried, discuss your result with your surgeon - you will be swollen and will not see your result right away.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Liposuction, quantity of fat removed, fat over stomach area or tummy, back and thighs

Thank you for the query. Any amount of fat removed is significant since it will result in some changes in the site from which it has been removed. Very small amounts of fat removed in the wrong places can result in severe contour deformities. I am sure your surgeon must have planned his liposuction after reviewing you clinically. It is always nice to compare the pre-op and post-op pictures as this gives you a better idea of what has been done and the results achieved. Wait for 3-6 months to see the full result and decide.

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