I think I may have a buffalo hump on the back of my neck? (photo)

I noticed this "hump" like raised area on the back of my neck slowly appearing over the last year, it recently got worse in the past few months. I am 23 year's old, 5'2'', and I weigh 170, I have been actively eating and living healthier for the past year, and i've been seeing a chiropractor for my chronic neck pain and my forward head posture. I was wondering what could be done about this unsightly hump?

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Fatty Buffalo Humps Can be Treated With Liposuction

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If the buffalo hump is composed solely of fat, liposuction or a noninvasive fat elimination technique, such as Vanquish, CoolSculpting, or Thermi, should be able to remove it. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist to determine if the hump is made of fatty tissue or if bone is involved. A few medical conditions can also cause this condition so that laboratory testing by your physician is recommended.

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Buffalo hump on back of neck

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Thank you for asking about your lump on your neck.

  • The hump will either be from a fat deposit or from bone.
  • If your chiropractor has been manipulating this area and the lump has appeared, it may be a fat deposit that has occurred in response to that.
  • Or it could be from hormones, weight gain or other causes.
  • To find out if it is fat, see a plastic surgeon - fat can be removed with liposuction.
  • Or it may be bone over the cervical spine - in which liposuction would not be beneficial

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

Buffalo hump?

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Thanks for your inquiry and picture, but without an exam it is hard to advise if the hump is fatty or bony in nature.  Please see a plastic surgeon to discuss, good luck.  

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