Not Happy with Invisalign Results. Can I Do Traditional Braces Later?

There are gaps left from IPR. My doctor did not mention refinments and I did no push it because I lost total trust on him. I was left with a couple of black triangles and he "fixed" them by bonding. But he ignore other gaps that are still there and I did not have before my treatment. He covered another big gap (from a missing tooth)by bondign the teeth on sides to make them look wider. I want to know if I still could do traditional braces with all these bounding? How long should I wait?

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Yes, you can certainly have braces to resolve the problem you describe. And it can be done at any time. Since you are obviously concerned about the outcome of your treatment, it makes sense to get some input about the possibilites for their correction as soon as possible. That way, even if you decide to defer treatment, you will be satisfied that a solution is possible. I suggest you consult with an orthodontist and learn what would be involved in re-treatment.

Mercer Island Orthodontist

Fixed after Invisalign?

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Of course you can do fixed after Invisalign...and the bonding can be easily removed.  Depending on the type of Invisalign treatment and when it was done a doctor can reactive your case and do a refinement at no additional cost.  So if you are unhappy with your current doctor I suggest you seek an orthodontist who has done a large number of Invisalign cases and see if he/she thinks they can do a better job

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Braces after Invisalign is not a problem

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The only downside to this would be the added cost.  Perhaps Invisalign did the lion's share of the work and it won't be a full orthodontic case, and some savings can be passed on.  And perhaps not.

Removing the bonding that was placed should not be an issue and traditional braces should be predictable.

Braces after Invisalign

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It sounds like you have multiple issues with the final result you obtained with Invisalign.  I agree that you may best be served by finishing your case with braces because they allow precise positioning of teeth and closing of  spaces.  Visiting an orthodontist may be a good option for you because of the complex nature of your case.  There may be some restorative work needed as well ... but the bonding used to close the spaces which remained after Invisalign should not be a problem as it is easily removed or reshaped.  Your case illustrates an important fact about Invisalign: it is a great tool, but not a panacea. 

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Not Happy with Invisalign Results

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Invisalign offers 3 "refinements"  (additional aligners) with each Invisalign Full treatmentto hopefully com;eye your treatment.. However, Invisalign Express which limits the aligners to 10 or less does not offer refinement aligners. 

It sounds like you have gone to a general dentist since he "closed" your spaces with composite restorations.

Unfortunately general dentists are not really trained in orthodontics .... of any kind. As such, there is a major difference in training and experience between an orthodontist and a general dentist. I would suggest that you see an orthodontist if you seek re-treatment.


Gary Kloberdanz, DDS, MS
Greeley Orthodontist

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