Will Teeth Feel Tender/sensitive Right After Finishing Invisalign?

How long after invisalign does it take for a person to be able to eat hard foods like an apple without cutting it in little pieces? My front teeth feel tender and sensitive. How long does it takes for them to become strong again?

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Supporting bone needs to firm up after braces

Regardless of what method of orthodontics is done, the bone that supports the teeth is soft when treatment is complete.  After teeth stop moving, the bone can become dense again, and the teeth will feel stronger.  This can take time, but it WILL happen!  :)

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Tooth sensitivity after Invisalign treatment

Normally teeth are a little loose and feel sensitive after braces or Invisalign.  How much depends on the patient, the type of movement, type of retainer, etc. etc.  Usually things settle down in a week or so if you are just wearing the retainer at night.   Full time retainer wear can often cause senstivity when they are not worn during meals so it is advantageous to go to nightime wear as soon as possible

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Tooth tenderness after Invisalign

After finishing any kind of orthodontic treatment it is common for teeth to feel just a little "loose " for several weeks to several months.  Don't worry!  This goes away as the teeth settle into their new positions.  Be sure to go to the follow-up appointments with your treating doctor so he/she can be certain everything is stable and fitting together properly.  In the meantime, concentrate on your beautiful new smile.  This is something that won't go away, ever!

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Tooth pain during Invisalign or braces

Tooth sensitivity is common with any type of tooth movement b/c the whole process of tooth movement involves inflammation, and inflammation will irritate the nerve of the tooth. With time, in your retainers, as the bone heals and thus inflammation resolves, your tooth sensitivity should go away.

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