Will Invisalign Help with my End to End Bite?

Just went to the dentist today because one of my front teeth chipped on the back side. He said it was due to my end to end bite causing my teeth to impact each other all the time. They suggested Invisalign and I was wondering if anyone knew how well they worked on correcting my type of problem.

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Yes Invisalign can correct edge to edge bite.

Its probably a class lll occlusion. I see gaps on your lower teeth which when closed will help them tuck up under your upper teeth. Thats the easy answer to that question...

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Spaces Always help with "End to End" Bite

Based on the photo that you posted, Because of the spaces that you have your bite can and should be fixed with Invisalign. Failure to fix your bite may lead to more fractured teeth and major dentistry in the future. Invisalign is a wonderful cosmetic option to aligning your teeth and giving you the smile you always dreamed of.

Invisalign for End to End Bite

The photos show that your front teeth are biting end to end which can cause chipping and excessive wear.  Invisalign will work to pull the lower teeth back and create a non-traumatic bite.  If I were going to treat you I would also consider braces for the following reason: what happens if, at the end of treatment, we decide that we want to pull the lower teeth back further, or if there are spaces left on the upper arch?  If we use braces we can simply pull the lower teeth back more using a variety of techniques, and this might allow a better bite and closing of residual upper space.  So, if you want to use only Invisalign I think that will work (and it has the benefit of being invisible and removeable), but I would point out possible advantages of braces as well.  Then you will be able to choose the best treatment for you.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
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Invislaign May help with and Edge to edge bite

Invisalign can be a good option on a bite that is edge to edge. your dentist is correct that you can chip teeth more easily when teeth are in constant edge to edge contact. You can do the clin check process and see the animation on how your teeth move tray by tray before fully committing to the invisalign procedure.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
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Invisalign can correct an edge to edge bite

Invisalign can correct an edge to edge bite.  Closing the space both dental arches can help the process to get an ideal bite.  The upper teeth appear that they could need some flaring to help also.  The third thing that could be done is to do a slight amount of shaving of the lower teeth to make them slightly smaller if needed and the last thing, if still needed, could be to use rubber bands from the lower front (canines) to the upper molars, which will shift all of the teeth in a positive direction.  The key is to this or any treatment is for the doctor to plan with the patient using the Clincheck so you can see the intended result before you start.  This is one of the real keys to the magic of Invisalign.

Kent Lauson, DDS, MS
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Looks straightforward

It appears there is more space on the lower than the upper, As the lower spaces are closed the end to end bite will be resolved. It appears you have a Class I malocclusion so once the spaces are closed the bite should be good. Another factor is the edges of the uppers seem to be tucked in. As those edges are brought out towards the lips your bite will be further corrected. This is assuming the pictures you show are taken with the jaw in the proper position and you are not thrusting forward.

No doubt the chipping will continue if the problem is not addressed.

Another great advantage to Invisalign is that the moment you start you are now preventing any further damage to your enamel so Invisalign is the best choice.

Gilbert H. Snow, DDS
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Invisalign is able to treat the overjet of your occlusion

Both Invisalign and traditional braces are able to solve your problom. I see the crowding at the bottom , Tooth # 26 overlap the lateral so you might need some extra space at the bottom which can acquired by arch expansion. The final diagnosis is based on the space analysis or check the clinchek.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
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Can Invisalign correct an end to end bite?

I see no reason why Invisalign can not fix your problem.  As in all cases, the final diagnosis needs to be done by a well trained doctor who has experience with the Invisalign system

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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