With only two implants how long will recovery time be?

I will be having 6 teeth removed on my lower jaw. Have not had teeth on either side in the back so I have lost a great deal of bone. My dentist said he could put two implants in the front where the few teeth I have now are. How long will recovery time be?

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Dental Implant Recovery

There should be minimal to no pain after this kind of procedure. Most of our patients go back to work the same day. If you are susceptible to swelling this may last for up to four days.

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Implant Surgery Recovery Time

Recovery time depends on many factors. First and foremost, Will the implants be placed the same day of the extraction? We also must consider the complexity of the extraction and that recovery times varies from person to person. In average you can expect 3 to 5 days. I must say however that 2 implants are not enough to support a fixed denture. If you are seeking a permanent solution, You need at least 4 implants. Bone loss should not be an issue. Today there are several techniques to help us regenerate bone effectively.

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