I've always had one side of my jaw that sticks out much farther than the other side, was wondering what could be done? (Photos)

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No one's face is perfectly symmetric

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If you look closely every face has some asymmetry; typically one side is wider than the other.  I can see in your photos that one side of your mandible, or jaw bone, protrudes much more than the other.  Botox injected into the masseter, or jaw muscle, on that side will paralyze it make it shrink over the course of several weeks just as your arm muscles would shrink if your arm was in a cast.  The botox wears off after about 3 months, though, and the muscle will again start to increase in size.  You would see some improvement with this option, but even when the muscle was at it's smallest I think you would still see some significant asymmetry.  The most significant change would be obtained by reshaping the jaw bone.  There are several of us around the country who frequently perform this procedure.  The results can be dramatic, but full recovery will take several weeks.  You will want to schedule a consultation to discuss what change to expect, how this will affect the relative appearance of the rest of your face, and what recovery will be like.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

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Jaw Asymmetry

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First of all, you need to get x-rays and possibly MRI to evaluate the cause of asymmetry.  This may be due to the asymmetry of the mandible angle or asymmetry of the muscle.  If this is caused by muscle hypertrophy, you can try Botox injection to the muscle to flatten the area.  This is a temporary solution, however.  If the bone is asymmetric, you will need to have the bone cut down to reduce the protrusion.  This is done through an incision in the mouth.  I recommend you to seek a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in such procedures.  Good luck.Best,Alex Kim, MD

Alex Kim, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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