Cosmetic Jaw surgery - Plastic surgeon or Maxillofacial?

Obviously each surgeon is individual! But I'm having trouble deciding where to begin my consultations. I have an overbite, right TMJ clicking, mild lower asymmetry (canted jaw when smiling), mid-face deficiency, vertical growth (long face) and obstructive sleep apnea. However I would very much like cosmetic improvement too! Should I look for plastic surgeons that have experience with orthognathics, oral/maxillofacial surgeons, or both? Thank you!

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Cosmetic jaw surgery--Plastic or Maxillofacial

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it's not as important which type of surgeon you choose as the experience of that surgeon at doing the procedure that you need. There are many plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons that perform orthognathic surgery. There  are also many who do not. It is critically important that you ascertain just how much experience you were surgeon has.  Ask to see previous case examples and speak to a patient of his or hers that has undergone the procedure. It is also of critical importance to choose a board-certified surgeon.  Having experience in both plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery, in my opinion, maxillofacial surgeons perform these procedures more routinely than plastic surgeons. Best of luck!

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Jaw Surgery

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If functional issues are significant and a concern, address that first. Their correction should also be of aesthetic benefit. One who addresses these issues with orthognathic procedures on a regular basis would seem most appropriate. Later, residual aesthetic concerns can be addressed. This might be better in the realm of a plastic surgeon.

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