I'm pregnant and need help. Are there any Botox alternatives that actually work?

I am pregnant 7 weeks and am freaking out cause all my forehead wrinkles and crows are coming back from not having Botox ! Are there any alternatives that actually work ( probably not as good ) that are safe during pregnancy I can't take this as shallow as it might seem I look like a hag without Botox!

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Botox during pregnancy

Thank you for your question lmorrison123. Congratulations! Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expression. The safety and efficacy of Botox has not been studied in women who are pregnant or breast feeding so we do not know the answer to your question. In such cases I recommend to my patients to err on the side of safety and wait until they are no longer breast feeding before receiving another Botox treatment. I tell my patients that daily sunscreen use and products containing hyaluronic acid may provide benefit. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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Deep Hydration Can Fake the Effects of Botox

Pregnancy can create skin care and anti-aging conundrums. All the typical go-to fixes become off-limits, and women often experience skin concerns related to their hormone fluctuations during this time, as well.

Here’s the good news: Deep hydration can fake the effect of Botox in the interim, and you can return to Botox once you’ve finished with pregnancy and/or breast feeding.

A good aesthetician can use serums and advanced technologies to plump the skin and significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Home-based follow-up care will also help maintain the effect. Layer serums and try a deep cream to seal in serums overnight. Don’t forget sunscreen to help preent damage during this time, as well.

Mitchell Chasin, MD
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Botox/Filler and Pregnancy/Breastfeeding

Thanks for your question. This is a question that we get asked often by our patients. I would not get injected while you are pregnant or breastfeeding as this could lead to problems and is not recommended by the FDA.

Alim R. Devani, MD, FRCPC
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BOTOX and pregnancy

Ok - first of all congrats. You only have 2 months to go. BOTOX can not be used in pregnancy however you may have other gentle laser treatments like ndYag that can help with fine lines (not lines with movement). I do agree that a light filler is safe in pregnancy, however, if Botox works well, just count down the weeks!

As for Botox and Breast feeding, express your milk before the Botox injections. In theory only a vvvv small amount passes through breast milk, and in my opinion, it is safe. 8 Weeks and counting. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim
Brisbane, Australia. 

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
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Thank you for your question in regards to Botox. Unfortunately there are no alternatives that are known to be safe while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. To be sure what is best for you, see two or more board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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Pregnancy and Botox

I suggest waiting till your pregnancy is over to get botox, but in the mean time you can do laser treatments and microneedling or fillers like belotero (hyaluronic acid filler which is just a sugar naturally made in the body).  Although people may disagree, these are very safe, although not studied in pregnancy. This decision is between you and your physician.  Congradulations!  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Are there any Botox alternatives for during pregnancy?

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately there are no alternatives that are known to be safe during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Botox during pregnancy

Dear lmorrison123,

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, Botox is contraindicated during pregnancy along with other neuromodulator injections. It is best to just take care of your skin by using sun screen and moisturizers. Congratulations on the pregnancy!  

Richard A. Bartlett, MD
Brookline Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and pregnancy

Botox is contraindicated during pregnancy as are the other injectables like Dysport and Xeomin.  All that you can do is take good care of your skin by using a moisturizer and sunscreen and staying well hydrated.  Pregnancy often gives women a beautiful, healthy glow to their skin!  Congratulations!

Botox alternatives during pregnancy

Unfortunately, there are no clearly safe options for neuromodulator injections during pregnancy.

Obviously there are no studies; however, it's better to be on the safe side and avoid any potential risk to a developing baby. 

The best things to do during your pregnancy is to protect your skin from the sun. You can pamper yourself with a facial, but I would not do any chemical peels. 

Congratulations and enjoy the pregnancy glow. It's the safest thing to do. 

Victor Chung, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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