Is It True That Silicon Implants Have Gel Bleeding?

Dear Doctor: Is it true that all silicon implants have microscopic gel bleeding? I had a MRI done 3 years ago and it suggested gel bleeding...My PS recommended monitoring as opposed to removal at the time. a recent MRI suggested intra-capsular rupture. I am going back and force at removal only and removal/replacement. if i decide to do replacement, do i have to accept the fact that there is always some microscopic leakage of silicon even if the implant shells are intact?

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To remove the implant is the question?

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 If there is evidence of rupture is is safest to schedule a removal of ruptured implant and replacement with new implant- if yor implants were placed in the US  - the implant company give a warranty to replace implant. Easy procedure - 30minutes to clean pocket /remove implant and replace with new implant. Don't  worry but best to get is replaced.

Silicone implants

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Some gel bleeding can occur especially with the older implants. If your implant is ruptured, you should have it replaced.

Silicone Leaching

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With all silicone implants there is some silicone bleeding. This is less so with the new implants as the shell is reinforced. But there is still some leaching of silicone. Silicone leaching does not show in MRI or Mammogram. If there is failure of the device then the implant should be removed en-block with the capsule. re-implantation can be done at the same time. You have the option of silicone or saline implants.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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