Should I Gain Muscle Before or After a Lower Body Lift?

Should I Gain Muscle Before or After a Lower Body Lift?

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Should I Gain Muscle Before or After a Lower Body Lift?

Staying fit is always good. However, the key variable in terms of timing for a body lift is weight, so it is very valuable to be at or near your desired weight at the time of surgery.

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Lower Body Lift and Muscle Mass

Thank you for your question.

I do not have a general recommendation to my patients regarding building muscle mass prior to or after surgery.

I do recommend that patients are at their lowest, most stable weight prior to having surgery to achieve the best possible results.  In general, patients who have surgery are very pleased with their "new bodies" and so they work out after the surgery and stay in good shape.

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Body lift and muscle mass

We generally don't consider muscle mass as part of the body lift workup.  Rather, you want to make sure your weight loss has stabilized (your are no longer losing weight).   We do want your nutritional status to be up to par.   Hope this helps.

Dr. Basu

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Should I Gain Muscle Before or After a Lower Body Lift?

In our practice we don't generally feel that muscle tone is a requirement prior to surgery.  We have noticed that post surgery patients feel much better about their improved bodies that is actually inspires them to work out more and lead a much healthier lifestyle. 

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I am Lee J. Malan, MD.

     Ideally,for maximum soft tissue removal to meet patient expectations, at the time  Body Lift Procedures are performed, the patient should have lost as much weight as possible and be as toned as possible. Afterward exercise and muscle toneing improves the results of the surgery and is a reeal bonus,  for those who want to "go all the way".

Lee J. Malan, MD
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Lower body Lift

Gaining muscle , means good diet and excercise. You can do that either before or after the body lift. Just do not gain the fat.

Samir Shureih, MD
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