Will a 360 Degree Circumfrontial Body Lift Address the Extra Skin on my Inner Thighs?

After consulting with a few plastic surgeon's they concur I need to have a 360 degree circumfrontial body lift along with a breast lift (no implants needed).. I have extra skin on my inner thigh's but not so much on the outer thigh's. Will the body lift include the removal of skin on the inner thigh's? Are their different type's of thigh lifts?

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A 360 degree body lift will not address excess skin on inner thighs

The simple answer to this question is no. Simply because the incision for the body lift is made around your waistline like that of a belt. It would be impossible to reach your inner thighs with this incision. A separate procedure is needed to adress excess skin in the inner thighs. It sounds like a simple groin incision is necessary to accomplish your goals. Personally, I tend to minimize the need for extensive scarring in all my procedures. This includes not performing the vertical thigh lift if at all possible. Lifting breasts without the need of a vertical scar is also a passion of mine.
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Body Lift

In a nut shell, a lower body lift will only lift the outer thigh and does not provide much improvement of the inner thigh.

In terms of choices, these are the available thigh lift procedures in our practice.

1) Vertical thighplasty with simultaneous liposuction.  This procedure will remove the excess inner thigh skin through an incision that goes from the pubic area to the inner knee. This will result in reduction of your though horizontally.  This is not a lift.

2) Spiral thigh lift- This procedure is a modified inner thigh lift.  The incision is placed under the buttock crease and then runs through the groin crease.  Through this one spiral incision, the back of the thigh, the inner thigh, and the thigh front are lifted.  This procedure is a more comprehensive lift than the inner thigh lift only.

3) Outer thigh lift.  This lifts the outer aspect of the thigh.  It can be done as an extension of the Spiral thigh lift or with a lower body lift.  Combined with the Spiral thigh lift, it will give you a circumferential thigh lift correction.


From your description, it sounds as if you will benefit from a Spiral thigh lift. To learn more, please visit my thigh lift pages and look at our gallery.

Body Lift Will Have Minimal Effect On The Inner Thighs

A circumferential body lift will provide some minor improvement in loose inner thigh skin but usually not enough to be completely satisfied. This will require a secondary inner thigh lift, whose need and type should be determined after the body lift procedure is done.

Will a Body Lift Address My Inner Thighs?

The type of of body lift you described will not address the laxity of your inner thighs.  The body lift will address the loose, extra abdominal tissues with the tummy tuck part of the procedure.  The lateral thigh will be addressed with the lateral thigh lift.  The sagging of the buttocks will be addressed with a the buttock lift.  The inner thighs are not lifted because the groin blocks the lifting forces from getting to the inside part of the thigh.  

To correct the inner thighs, an incision needs to be made either on the inside of the thigh at the junction of the inner thigh and the groin or it may be made along the inside of the thigh running from the groin down to the knee.  Exactly which form of thigh lift you need requires a consultation with a plastic surgeon familiar with management of these issues.  Best of luck.

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Inner thigh lift question

There are different types of inner thigh lifts and the choice of surgical technique would be dependent on a physical assessment.  A circumferential body lift will not correct the excess and sagging skin of the inner thighs.  

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Circumferential Body Lift

Most plastic surgeons refer to a body lift as a circumferential body lift = belt lipectomy.  This procedure is essentially 3 procedures in one: extended tummy tuck + waist/lateral thigh lift + buttock lift (with the option of buttock augmentation).  So a body lift will not treat the upper medial thighs or inner thighs.   Please visit with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to learn more about your options.

Cicumferential lower body lift

Circumferential lower body lift does not include the inner thighs.

However the inner thigh lift can be done at the same time.

There are different methode of inner thigh lift. One puts the scar in the groin area and meets with the circumferential lift. The other is longitudinal scar from groin to knee on the inner aspect of the thigh.

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There are two thigh lift procedures – a lateral thigh lift and a medial thigh lift.  A lateral thigh lift addresses the outer thighs and is typically included with a belt lipectomy or lower body lift.  A medial thigh lift addresses the excess skin of the inner thighs and is not typically included with a body lift.  The circumferential incision allows access to the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, and outer thighs which is why those procedures are typically grouped together.  The 360 incision does not provide access to the inner thighs however so an additional incision would be needed down the inside of each thigh to remove excess tissue and tighten the skin in that area.  In my experience, body lift patients have better outcomes when the lateral thighs are done in conjunction with the buttock lift.  When the outer thighs are contoured there can be an effect on the buttocks and the shape of the buttocks can be affected when the outer thighs are lifted.  Without a physical examination it is difficult to make a suggestion as to which body contouring procedure would give you the outcome you desire.  If you haven’t chosen a surgeon yet, be sure to research for only board certified plastic surgeons.  If you have chosen a surgeon make sure that he or she is a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Will a 360 Degree Circumferential Body Lift Address the Extra Skin on my Inner Thighs?

No, it will not address your inner thighs.  You should note some improvement in the outer thighs, though.  There are multiple treatments available for the inner thighs.  Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Inner thighs benefit more from thigh lifts than the 360 Body Lift...

Dear Journey to Health:


The 360 body lift will eliminate excess skin and fat of the pubic region, abdomen, lateral hips, lateral legs, and buttocks.  It does not significantly lift or remove excess skin on the inner thighs. 

The body lift is designed to address the outer or lateral thighs and does a significant amount of lifting and reduction in that area.  There may be a subtle or very minor amount of lifting on the inner thighs from the body lift as it approaches the groin but not significantly. 

There are several different types of thigh lifts.  There is a crescent thigh lift where an incision is made on the inner portion of the leg and follows the underwear line on the inner portion of the leg.  This goes from the front of the leg and extends back onto the buttocks.  A crescent area of skin is removed from the upper inner thigh and is good for mild defects. 


For more significant and more common medial thigh defects after weight loss, an incision typically is made from the groin down the inner leg.  If the deformity is mild, an incision is made halfway down the thigh.  If the deformity is more severe and there is excess skin and fat around the knee, the incision is carried down to the knee.  If the excess skin and fat is more severe, the incision is carried down to the ankle.  

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