I'm scheduled to have micro motor FUE. Is it a safe process?

I'm scheduled to have my hair transplant in Turkey (3000) on edge (traecio alopecia) i'm african american and just learned from the doctor that they will be using that process. I went ahead and do some reserach and read to stay away from Doctors that use this method. I trust the professionals that are listed on REAL SELF.

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FUE do not work well on African American patients. You would also have to shave your head.

FUE do not work well on African American patients. You would also have to shave your head.  Don't trust doctors only because they are on this webstite.  Meet the doctors in person an then form your opinion.

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Thank you for your question, Pearl2016. The FUE process is a safe process, but the surgeon performing the procedure will dictate the safety and the level of success of the outcome. Please consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon

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Fue in Turkey

Motorized fue harvesting is a standard method of harvesting grafts.  My only advice is to make sure who will be performing the procedure,  what the role of the physician is in the surgery,  who will manage potential complications,  and who will manage any complaints you might have. Also ask how skilled they are in tightly curled hair grafts.   By going to a foreign country,  you are giving up a tremendous amount of recourse. 

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Motorized FUE

This is a standard way of performing FUE in the hands of many doctors, When and if something goes wrong, a doctor in Turkey can’t follow you, if the transplant does not work you have no recourse, no Yelp, no Realself with doctor references and credentials, no Chamber of Commerce or Medical Board to complain to. If there are serious complications what will you do? Do you know how many people died in Turkey because of malpractice errors in anesthesia? Many of these clinic surgeries and the anesthesia given, are performed, not by doctors, but by technicians. What you are buying are technicians doing surgery without a medical degree of any type and no skill to manage problems that happen. My group has performed over 15,000 surgeries since 1992 (no deaths) and have seen health issues arise, but with my extensive training and education I know how to recognize problems before they become life-threatening. We monitor our patients hearts and breathing to anticipate problems, do the Turkey clinics do this? Do you think that these uneducated technicians doing your surgery will know how to do mange problems that arise?

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Hair transplant in turkey

Hair transplant clinics in turkey have very good marketing and presence on Internet and usually they are cheap. There is always a reason they are cheap. Most clinics the doctor is only present to draw the hair line and the rest is done by non medical trained personal.  Are they safe? if the doctors are not accountable or present for surgery then safety is an issue. I suggest  to do research and find a qualified doctor in the state with reasonable cost.

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