Alternatives to Implants for Worn Bottom Teeth

My Front Teeth Are Getting Thin from the Bottom Teeth Wearing Away the Back Side.what Can I Do Other Than Implants.

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Front teeth getting thin

As suggested by the other dentists on this forum it could be that when the lower and upper teeth come together there is not enough room for the lower teeth and the wear ensues.  You probably have a deep overbite, meaning that your upper teeth overlap a good portion of the lower teeth when you close your teeth together.

It is also possible, which is quite common in people with a deep overbite that your lower jaw is locked in and is attempting to free itself.  This leads to tooth grinding on the front teeth which overtime will thin the front teeth.

Either situation is treatable.  Start with your dentist, but you might find that this needs the help of a specialist or someone with extra training to correct it properly.

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Thinning of your Upper Front Teeth

Thinning of the back portion of your Upper Front teeth or Centrals sounds like there are issues regarding your bite resulting from a lack of space or room.This extremely important condition must be resolved before any attempt is made to restore or place permanent crowns or dental implants. This lack of space would result in quick and premature breakdown of your new  porcelain restorations. Having said this, a thorough evaluation should be done by your dentist so he or she can discover why this lack of room is present. Often times Orthodontic treatment can be applied to create more space so your existing teeth can be effectively utilized in a safe predictable and esthetically pleasing manner. The use of Orthodontics often times can prevent the need for extractions or placement of Dental Implants but as you know every case has its differences and must be evaluated as such.

If the teeth are in the wrong place, strange things happen..

It sounds like your lower jaw may have grown a little more than your upper jaw, which creates what call a "tight bite."   This makes the system "rub,"  and leads to a vertical pattern of wear on the backs of the upper front teeth and the fronts of the lower front teeth, which makes them "thin."

 What is needed is more room.  This means some kind of orthodontics and, if it's bad enough, surgery to facilitate the orthodontics.  THEN AND ONLY THEN can you restore the teeth successfully long term.  

The trouble is teeth and porcelain fail differently.  Teeth wear and porcelain breaks.  So what you have had is a slow steady wearing down of the teeth.  Porcelain in the same arrangement will likely break.  If you try to restore it without creating space first, you either get high likelihood of failure or a funny looking case because you try to radically change the shape of the teeth to compensate for not putting them in the right place to begin with.  

Wish I had an easier answer for you.  Find a highly skilled, highly recommended dentist you trust completely!

Best wishes!

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Upper teeth are getting thin

The upper teeth will get thinner from the back side if your lower teeth are rubbing against the upper teeth.  It sounds like your lower jaw does not have enough room and is "fighting" for space.  We usually tret this with a cmbination of Invisalign and maybe veneers if the teeth are too thin or appear grey from being so thin.

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Front teeth can wear when the bite is not correct

You should seek the advise of a orthodontist.  You can also talk to your dentist but your issue may be in how your teeth relate to each other.

Tooth wear is from habits or bad occlusion.  If you don't do anything else but get a night guard(bite guard) to prevent further wear you will be happy-Go investigate!!!

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Thinning front teeth

Often the thinning of your front teeth is related to a bite issue. It appears from your description that you do not have enough room between your upper and lower front teeth to function properly. This can be related to the position of the teeth or related to how your muscles are controlling and moving your lower jaw. You should have your dentist evaluate the situation and diagnose which is causing the problem. This situation can be stabilized before it causes further damage to your teeth. At that point, the teeth can be restored for proper aesthetics and function.

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Implants may be the last option

Of course, without seeing you as a patient I would be hesitant to suggest treatment - but for my patients, extractions and implants are a last resort.  I would suggest that you have a comprehensive exam and x-rays to see if crowns or veneers would replace your worn teeth.  The roots may be in great shape and saving these teeth would be the best 1st option. 

The causes of extreme wear needs to be addressed as well - as the cause is almost always part of the solution.

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Front Teeth Are Getting Thin

Crowns are a possibility, but you really need to find out why the teeth are wearing. The first step is a comprehensive exam by a dentist to find out exactly what's going on.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
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