How common is back pain after breast reduction?

I am two weeks post op for my breast reduction. I was a 36/38 M. Now looking to be leaning 38 DD/E. I have been feeling pretty well generqlly, however, since my stitches came out, I have started getting awful back pain around 7 pm. Is this normal? Is it just from the trauma? What else could the cause be? I have been off the percocets since day 3 and did a round of keflex.

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Recovery after breast reduction in Melbourne, Florida

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It is not uncommon to have back pain after breast reduction or breast or abdominal procedure due to often times it is simply uncomfortable and your positioning is different for a few weeks after surgery.  Typically, as patient’s recover, this tends to resolve on its own.  Check in with your board-certified plastic surgeon as well.  I hope this information is helpful to you.  Best of luck!

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Back pain after reduction

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Back pain can occur after a breast reduction. This can be secondary to positioning when you lie down.  It also can occur as a result of changing the way you lift things or be active right after surgery.

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How common is back pain after breast reduction?

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It is not unusual to experience back pain following a breast reduction. The pain, howver, should be less than your pre-op state. The purpose of a breast reduction is two fold. First, reduction of the gland sould lead to an abatement of your symptoms, ie back, neck, shoulder pain. Next, the breast shape should improve with a smaller, rounder and lifted breast. Hope this helps. Good luck, Dr. PG

Back pain after breast reduction

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Back pain is quite common after breast reduction. Keep in mind that you were on your back, on an operating table for quite a few hours!  If it persists, you should be worked up by the appropriate physicians but generally it improves within a few weeks.

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