Fractional CO2 Resurfacing VS Non Ablative 1550 Diode Resurfacing for Mild Acne Scars/pores?

I have discussed resurfacing treatments with my doctor, they offer both of the methods mentioned in the title. I have mild acne indents, small open pores on my cheeks leftover from previous acne that I want to remove and have smoothed out. you can't see them unless close up, but they bother me. Which procedure is more effective? Doc says I will not need downtime with the non ablative, but about 1 week with the co2. I had E-Matrix but wasn't impressed overall, but I can't take too much time out now.

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Fractional co2 laser resurfacing or 1550 diode resurfacing

It all depends on who you listen too. IMO these modalities will get you little results. You need a multilayered approach with co2 laser resurfacing as part of the equation. I would research different doctors approaches to find out their philosophy and their before and afters.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ablative VS. Non-Ablative


Acne scarring can be significantly improved with both ablative and non-ablative lasers. A fractional ablative laser, such as Fraxel Repair or Sciton ProFractional, uses an ablative approach, requiring up to a week of “down time.”  The advantage of this treatment is that it often requires a single (occasionally 2-3) , aggressive session to achieve desired results.  Although the initial redness after treatment will require time to completely heal, makeup can help lessen and cover up the redness. On the other hand, non-ablative methods, such as Fraxel restore, provide near-comparable results without down time; however, multiple treatments are required. For a single treatment option, I recommend the Fraxel Repair. Timing this over a long weekend may solve your “down time” issue, since redness will diminish after the initial couple of days.  If this is not possible, the non-ablatives remain a great alternative for acne scarring.

David Goldberg, MD
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Fractional CO2 Resurfacing VS Non Ablative 1550 Diode

  Certainly, the fractional CO2 would be more effective than the non ablative treatment.  Yes, some down time may be necessary.  For even greater improvement, consider a croton oil-phenol peel or non fractionated CO2.  It is your call balancing down time vs effectiveness of the procedure.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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