Very Permanent Red Skin, What to Do? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 19 y/o man with a permanent red skin (cheeks & nose), it started when i was 15-16. It gets intens red by triggers like cold/hot envoirements or when i blush. It's so ugly and i feel ashame.. Tried so many cremes, nothing works. Also had 2 IPL sessions and ND:YAG laser, not even helped 1%. I'm disappointed and I feel sad cause it ruins my life.. Which options do I still have? PDL? I don't expect a perfect skin, but a 50% reduce would be great! Thanks in advance!

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19 years Rosacea

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You will need 6 treatments of Limelight IPL to make a slight dent. What other topical do you use? You have Rosacea and 41 % of Rosacea patients reported that it had caused them to avoid social gatherings. You feeling are natural. There are topical prescription medications and oral medications to help. See a doctor whom has experience with this condition.

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

...difficult... need to try various treatments and avoid triggers.

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This is not an easy fix. Every time I have a case like yours I tell it like it is- ' There are many treatments for this condition, not everyone responds to a textbook approach its a matter of trialling various lasers and creams, as well as tablets to see what works for you.'

1. PDL can work. See a dermatologist for a firm diagnosis and possible investigations. If I use PDL I use a very high setting, with a very very short pulse duration. Expect to swell for a few days. 

2. 1064 Nd Yag in paint mode- if above fails

3. Consider tablets prescribed by a Specialist like Propranolol 

4. New creams on the market by Galderma, such as Mirvaso. You will need to learn how to use this as streaking can occur for the first few weeks. 

Consider combination of above treatments. 

Not easy, but treatments and solutions are possible. 


Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and cosmetic dermatologist
BRISBANE, Australia

You may have a manifestation of atopic dermatitis and not rosacea...

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both sort of look alike, but they very different...both get worse when you get hot, stressed or need to be very gentle with your skin regimen...maybe wash with Dove applied gently with your hands (don't scrub) and consider using a topical hydrocortisone...either with or without a prescription...and don't use any harsh shaving creams or colognes...then see your doctor...but that certainly may be one reason you're not getting better with IPL and laser therapy 

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist

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